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One day when I’m old and grey.

One day when I’m old and grey.

Jul 18


by lorenzo porras


by lorenzo porras

Jul 14

My Dreams Made Manifest

Photos by Dean Kaufman

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Jul 08

A green thing

Most uncontrollably in solitude

makes my soul wander from thoughts:

our bequeathed and daily toil,

to a sort of virgin wonderment at its

and our very sight.

How can I, a boy, a man, yes,

reconcile my desire for heroness,

not obligation.

I want to stretch myself over everything

Natural and Good,

and live a life.

The trees, now they, I know,

are my true fathers.

I hear them whisper; I am home.

” — ian leach


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Meg Company + Monitaly

Meg Company & Monitaly team up with Epperson Mountaineering for this KILLER backpack, constructed in Libby, Montana. Buy it here.